What is CzarPay?

CzarPay is the one stop digital lending platform for all your month- end financial needs. Through our website and mobile app, salaried professionals can borrow personal loans up to Rs. 200,000. We help you to push through the month by approving loans up to 90 days and the condition for approving loans is based on your CCS.

How can I use CzarPay?

In just a few clicks, you can apply for a loan on our mobile app or website!

  • Download: Download the CzarPay app for FREE from the play store and fill in the required details, or visit our website to apply for a loan.
  • Documents: Upload the required documents (APPLY NOW link ) and we will handle the rest!

Am I eligible to apply for a loan?

Only if you are a salaried professional above the age of 21 years with a monthly income of Rs. 20,000. If you are, we welcome you to the CzarPay family where getting loans has never been easier! Download the app/visit website to get money.

Can I apply from my city?

CzarPay is a digital platform available in 4 cities as of now! If you reside in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore, you are welcome to apply for loans on our mobile app as well as website.

Is mortgage a necessity?

Nope. We are a digital lending platform, no one needs to keep mortgages.

What is CCS? (CzarPay Credit Score)

CzarPay Credit Score is a fresh rating system for salaried professionals and young minds at work. This extensive approach takes into account your digital imprint. By tracking your activity in the vast digital world, our analytics team uses AI and predictive tools to calculate your very own CzarPay Credit Score and tell you the CCS status.

Can I borrow for more than 45 days?

Borrowing tenure depends on the kind of loan you borrow. While borrowing for CzarPay Instant is limited to 45 days, you can always borrow through our CzarPay Salary plus. This policy works up to a period of 90 days (2/3 EMI)

What is the maximum and minimum amount provided?

The amount provided by CzarPay ranges from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 200,000.

Can I borrow more money over my existing loan?

No, CzarPay does not give out more than one loan at a time. However, you can apply for a fresh loan after paying off the first.

How many loans can I take in a year?

You can take up to 12 loans a year, but loans can be given out only after repayment of the existing loan.

What are the documents that are required?

An image of each of these original documents:

  • PAN card
  • 1 month payslip
  • Light bill or rental agreement
  • Salary account bank statement of the last 3 completed calendar months.
  • Best Selfie

In which format should I upload my documents?

We will need a PDF format for your bank statements & salary slips. If your PDF bank statement is password protected, please share your password with us so we can open and read the bank statements.

What needs to be ensured while uploading documents?

The images that you will share with us need to be

  • Complete
  • Adequately zoomed
  • Should not be blurry
  • Taken in good lighting

Is one-time upload for documents possible?

You'll need to upload the latest salary slips & bank account statements every single time. Other documents need to be uploaded only if there are any changes.

Do I need to provide a bank statement?

Of course. For more information on what documents are required and their formats refer to the previous question.

How much time does it take to disburse the amount?

After the submission of documents, it takes approximately 24 to 48 hours for disbursal of the amount.

Does CzarPay provide credit on holidays?

CzarPay may approve your application on holiday, but the disbursement of your loan will not be possible.

Can I reapply?

Yes, we would be delighted! Although, the pending loan must be paid in full.

How can I repay the loan?

Loans can be re- payed via IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, UPI or BHIM to our given bank details. If the loan amount is not re- payed on time, we are liable to auto deduction.

Can I postpone my repayment date?

No, you cannot postpone the repayment date. You will incur additional charges if the date is postponed.

Is repayment possible through EMIs?

Loan repayment is possible through our CzarPay Salary Plus only, which allows a 60/90 day (2/3 month) period.

Can I repay the loan before the due date?

Yes of course!

Can I extend the loan date?

As we are making short term loans, extensions on them will not be currently available.

Do I need to pay extra charges if there is a delay in repayment?

Yes, you will incur extra charges for any delay.

What happens if I default?

If you are considered as a defaulter, legal action will be taken against you.

When will I be considered as a defaulter?

Individuals are considered as defaulters after 3 days of no repayment.

Do you report to credit bureaus?

Yes. It will definitely reflect in credit report.

Is my personal information secure?

Yes! It is stored in encrypted format on servers.

How do I cancel my loan application?

You can cancel your loan application by logging into your profile or email us on support@Czarpay.com